J-14 Magazine  Over the years I have read quite a few magazines but the top ones that were in my life are the following: J-14: the typical magazine for pre-teens that always gave you posters to plaster all over your walls. This was my jam back in the day mainly because I thought I was cool to have all the new posters and keep up with the celebrities of my age. The bright colors and interesting information helped as well.  Seventeen: The best magazine for makeup tips, fashion, and taboo advice. I always loved the prom edition of this magazine so I could fawn over these beautiful dresses and imagine what my own prom would be like. I particularly liked that they had a question and answer section, an embarrassing story section, and also a part where they would talk about a real life person and their personal story. Star: Gossip magazine 100%. There truly isn't anything special about this magazine, it's just the one that my mom subscribes to and I happen to read it when there is not…

Banned books and your bookshelf

Surprisingly, I have read quite a few books that are considered banned. The ones that stood out to me the most are the following:
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I read this when I was a sophomore or junior in high school; one of my close friends recommended it to me. I felt like although it was a strong message, it was a necessary one. Especially for a teenage girl who was caught up in the social aspects of trying to gain "popularity." I think this book is a gateway for teenagers to open up about their feelings and be aware of what depression they may or may not have.Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. This is a like a staple of my pre-teen and teenage years. Of course I give this book and all the others in the series raving reviews. I really enjoy the storyline throughout this series. The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. I read this as a senior in AP English and enjoyed it quite a bit. The plot line of a little girl wanting to be someone different really stood out to me at the tim…

Wonder Woman- Blog project #2

This was an easy choice for me- out of all the movies I have seen recently, this one has stood out the most. I am a huge movie goer, my boyfriend and I take advantage of AT&T's ticket Tuesday (one free movie ticket every Tuesday!), so we end up seeing most of the new movies as they come out. I was never a fan of Wonder Woman before this movie. I didn't read the comics nor have I seen any previous WW movies, but I heard raving reviews of this new movie and I literally could not wait to see if it lived up to the hype. When I got on Twitter one of my old friends from high school had re-tweeted a movie review that her boyfriend had done about WW, and it made me that much more excited to finally see this film.

Edison Crawley, the boyfriend/movie reviewer that I spoke about just a second ago, posted this review of Wonder Woman:
Just to get an idea of how he felt, here's a …

Fake News

President Donald Trump "Fake News" is a term that has stormed our nation, thanks to our new President. I think it's sad how this man believes anything he doesn't agree with is "fake." Yes, I'm sure there are details that are altered, that happens, but calling an entire news station that many look to as a news source (CNN) fake because he doesn't like their opinions on him... it happens. People have their opinions and it's OKAY for opinions to be said, especially if it's about a person so high up. If anything, we shouldn't be holding out on a person who is so important, we need to be able to hear what investigators are truly finding out. I agree that the President is harming our first amendment to a point, but at the same time, he isn't forcing these news stories to be deleted. Yet at the same time, it's possible that his attacks are making journalists afraid to write columns that have negative thoughts towards him, which would e…


I didn't grow up in a household with parents who sat down and read a newspaper every morning with coffee, so starting from early on, I wasn't exactly exposed to newspapers; The exception being if I, or my brother, were featured due to sports or other extracurricular activities. Now that I live on my own, I'm still really bad about reading newspapers or even watching the news. I'd say a majority of my news intake is because of the KATU Facebook page (, and even then, I don't really get THAT much information from them because many of the stories aren't necessarily relevant. For example, when it was really hot on August 2nd, they were posting live videos of crayons melting and seeing which brand melted the fastest... I wouldn't consider that news. Entertainment? Definitely; But not the news that we truly should be staying caught up on. My other main source of news would be following President Trump on Twitter. Following him g…


Personally, I think that Wikileaks has done some good for our society; only because it has allowed every day citizens to keep their eyes open and gain knowledge that has always been kept secret from us. I'm sure there are many positives to keeping this information private, but I feel like it's important for our world to be as educated as possible with what is really happening. Julian Assange For example, in the Ted Talk he talked about information that he released that involved Kenya and their elected officials. Julian Assange basically said that by releasing this information, he shifted the elections and changed Kenya's government. I find this to be really interesting and important because obviously this information showed the citizens what type of person they were about to elect and changed their minds once they knew the truth; that shows you that information being withheld ( in most cases) doesn't benefit the whole group, only a select amount.…

First Admendment, copyright, and freedom of expression

The first thing about this documentary that really made me think was the example of the "Happy Birthday" song... the fact that if you have hummed it, or sang it in some sort of public place, you are considered a copyrighter! The original ladies that wrote this in the 1800's are now, of course, deceased, so they don't get those royalties that are required by law if you sing their song; surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, one of the largest corporations out there, Warner/Chappel, receives allllll of that money! The infamous birthday song  I find this super crazy! The birthday song is basically a right of passage for nearly all Americans on their birthdays. From what I can remember, I have always had family and friends sing me that song when it was my special time of the year. You would think a song this widely known would be in the public threshold and be allowed to use whenever someone pleased, especially since this song was created in the 1800's! It's …