I didn't grow up in a household with parents who sat down and read a newspaper every morning with coffee, so starting from early on, I wasn't exactly exposed to newspapers; The exception being if I, or my brother, were featured due to sports or other extracurricular activities.
Now that I live on my own, I'm still really bad about reading newspapers or even watching the news. I'd say a majority of my news intake is because of the KATU Facebook page (, and even then, I don't really get THAT much information from them because many of the stories aren't necessarily relevant. For example, when it was really hot on August 2nd, they were posting live videos of crayons melting and seeing which brand melted the fastest... I wouldn't consider that news. Entertainment? Definitely; But not the news that we truly should be staying caught up on.
My other main source of news would be following President Trump on Twitter. Following him gives me the opportunity to see what crazy antics he's up to before the news reports on it. I would say this is a credible source, considering its coming straight from the President's thoughts.
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Sweet Home's local newspaper
In my hometown, we have The New Era. A lot of the times, they cover local events and publish many sports stories pertaining to our high school; Our town is very big on high school sports. From the handful of times I've looked through it, it seems like there are a few stories that may be political or have information about what's going on in the world, but that doesn't stick out much. Maybe that's because it isn't what I necessarily look for. This particular newspaper is .75c a copy in any local store, or $35 a year for online access and physical copies delivered to your door. If I were to subscribe to any newspaper, I wouldn't mind getting this one because it's local and I could keep up with this small town and its news; but I also wouldn't mind getting a newspaper like The NY Times or other widely known papers.
On a scale of 1-5, I would say I'm definitely at a 1. I am not well informed for the most part. If there is something that catches my eye and I want to know more about it, then I'll dig and find more information about it, but I'm really bad at keeping up with daily news. To be honest, I don't like hearing about all the negativity and terrible news every day. It makes me sad to live in a society with human rights deteriorating by the day, and people think its okay to take those rights away.
I definitely need to become more informed and keep up with what's going on in our world daily. I'm going to try to start watching some kind of news network at night to help educate myself a little more.


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